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Hunter Valley Investment Casting Technology Co., LTD is located in Xinxing County, Yunfu City, China stainless steel products industrial cluster demonstration zone. Through 18 years of experience in precision parts customization, we provide our customers with professional knowledge and quality comprehensive solutions. Hunter Valley products cover investment casting, forging, die casting, stamping, CNC machining, from the precision of products, air tightness, strength and other aspects to provide customers with the best process.
Professional and technical personnel team -Guarantee of Technology
Stairs Hardware
Hunter valley Intelligent 
Workshop 3D Display
Production of all kinds of high-end casting products-Material Assurance
The company can provide the production of casting products such as 201/202/304/316/40r/carbon steel, including various brand standard materials; provide services such as non-ferrous metal casting, ferrous metal casting, non-ferrous metal alloy manufacturing, non-ferrous metal calendering processing, non-ferrous alloy sales and other services. Through strict tracking of production batches, spectrometer detection ensures that the product material fully meets the grade standards required by customers.
Fully intelligent automated production line, AGV storage system -Capacity guarantee
Independently develop customized intelligent production line processes and equipment, combining ERP, MES and intelligent warehousing systems. Real-time supervision of production data, equipment data and business data to ensure that the product process is efficient and controllable; reduce product dull links; and greatly improve production efficiency.
Donations to schools
All of these days,Hunter Valley cares for and supports the development of educational and cultural undertakings, and donates educational funds for Chegang students.
Rural poverty alleviation
Promote the “beautiful countryside,revitalize the industry strategy”, at the same time to “industry + rural revitalization” Linkfair mode to promote the construction of rural revitalization, to create stainless steel kitchen products ecological chain support rural development, the establishment of Su Rui Hua Yan grinding master studio, to “learn a kind of technology, bring a family rich” as the vision, through the skills to change the fate, let the masses together to well-off.
Promote rural revitalization
Under the leadership of the local government, the Hunter Valley has three support centers in Chegang Town, which are operated in partnership with rural cooperatives. In other provinces, enterprises cooperate with local village committees to set up processing bases, with enterprises providing supplies, technical support and management to boost the local economy and promote rural revitalization.


  :+86-13600239966
  :Road X431 East,Chegang Town,Xinxing, Yunfu City,Guangdong China 527400
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