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1、Precision parts of pipeline 
Pipeline precision components are mainly used in petroleum installations, hydropower stations, metallurgy, offshore platforms, food and medical installations, rural and urban building systems, rural and urban heating systems, environmental protection treatment systems, gas systems and long-distance transmission lines.
2、 Intelligent equipment parts
Provide related manufacturing services for intelligent equipment machine components
3、 Medical and food machinery parts - scene drawing
Provide medical machinery and food machinery manufacturing services.
4、 New energy 
and automobile industry
Provide new energy equipment and auto parts production services.
5、 Building hardware fittings
Including door and window hardware, 
plumbing hardware, decoration hardware and kitchen equipment accessories.
6、 Light industrial components and crafts
Design and manufacture of light industrial components and crafts, 
the company has rich design experience , the product can be realized for the guests.
7、 High-end gardening equipment accessories
Provide the production of garden equipment accessories and finished products
Processing Capability
Own a large CNC machining workshop, the number of machines has reached more than 100, there are four sets three axis CNC machining, there are one set four axis CNC machining, 20 CNC lathes,turning and milling compound CNC lathes 2 sets. Have the production capacity and function required for customer project, offer competitive prices and lead time. We provide personalized processing service , numbers range from a single prototype to hundreds of thousands.
Degree of precision --- Meet a variety of tolerance options ,the accuracy can reach 1 micron.
Material selection --- Can process a variety of brands of metal materials (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, etc.)
Various surface treatments --- Support a variety of solid metal parts surface treatment , accurately meet the design specifications.
Quality Control --- The quality inspection department shall carry out various high-precision tests on the components, including three dimensions ,strictly implement ISO quality management standards to ensure product quality.
Fast delivery --- Use new CNC machines,rapid sample delivery, offer 3D printing of metal , achieve fast sample delivery.


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