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As a company specializing in stainless steel precision casting, we continue to provide customers with high-quality stainless steel precision casting products. Through innovation and improvement, we also worktirelessly for the goal of carbon neutralization.
Carbon neutrality is one of the biggest environmental challengesfacing the world today, and reducing carbon emissions is the responsibility of each of us. As a stainless steel precision foundry enterprise, we adhere to the concept of "green environmental protection and sustainable development" and minimize carbon emissions in the production process. At the same time, we are also actively committed to the practice of carbon emission reduction.
By improving production efficiency, optimizing production processes and strengthening energy management, our production base is reducing carbon emissions. By using recycled materials and selecting advanced processes, our products continue to reduce the impact on the environment. In addition, we also advocate a "lowcarbon lifestyle" and encourage customers to use more.
Ecological Factory 
Based on the design concept of "integration of science and technology and nature", the abandoned stone mine in Chegang Town for 30 years will be transformed and utilized, designed as an environmentally friendly and tourism-based intelligent factory integrating innovation and nature.
Industrial production and ecological protection are closely combined to achieve green, low-carbon and circular development. With the Huangshan Mountain landscape, European castle and other features, to create a well-known industrial tourism business card in the west of Guangdong.
Green Production 
The company always implements the concept of environmental protection,green production will be carried out to the end;equipped with tunnel roaster waste heat recovery equipment、VOCs secondary activated carbon adsorption device、high efficiency pulse bag dust collector、a sewage station that reaches the level I standard of an urban sewage treatment plant
Stainless steel fasteners


VOCs secondary activated carbon adsorption device

Stainless steel casting pan handle

High efficiency pulse bag dust collector

Stainless steel casting fittings
Energy recovery
pipe coupling


The final purification degree of sewage can reach the breeding standard


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