2023 FBC Hongqiao,Shanghai - Hunter Valley Precision Casting Exhibition (0803-0806)

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FENESTRATION BAU China (FBC Expo) was founded in 2003. After 20 years, it has become the world's most high-end and competitive professional exhibition of door, window and curtain wall system solutions.

The flower road reopened, and the two-year FBC China International Door, Window and Curtain Wall Expo (FBC Expo) finally returned as scheduled!


In the fog, the general trend of the industry is clearer: Under the goal of "double carbon", the pace of greening and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the construction industry has accelerated; "Construction system solutions" has increasingly become the mainstream trend of the construction industry chain, and there is a tendency to subvert the current model of China's construction industry.

Under the new pattern of "double carbon" and high-quality development, real estate has entered the track of sustainable development. The large demand for rigid housing generated by urban renewal and urbanization has triggered new industry growth opportunities; consumers' yearning for green, comfortable and intelligent living space tests the "innovative answers" of real estate enterprises and door, windows and curtain wall people.


Under the background of the transformation and upgrading of real estate enterprises, Guangdong Hunter Valley seizes opportunities in door and window enterprises, provides systematic technical solutions, and combines the four major themes of FBC: "low-carbon health, urban operation, industrial construction and intelligent intelligence" to provide effective casting force for the high-quality development of real estate.

Guangdong Hunter Valley Precision Foundry Association has always focused on the exploration of innovative products, technologies, solutions and business cooperation models in the integrated door, window and curtain wall industry to help the development and technological innovation of industry enterprises.


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