Guangdong Hunter Valley Precision Casting-2023 World Automobile Manufacturing Technology and Intelligent Equipment Expo (027-0730)

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On July 27, after three years of reunion in Wuhan, the 2023 World Automobile Manufacturing Technology and Intelligent Equipment Expo opened in Wuhan National Standard Expo Center. One-stop solution to the needs of resource exchange, information exchange and product trade, and achieve an industry event that cannot be missed.



Focusing on automobile manufacturing, the organizers have deeply explored the high-quality resources of the whole industrial chain. This exhibition has been strongly joined by high-quality enterprises such as whole machine factories, mainframe factories, parts and raw materials. Well-known enterprises gathered at the exhibition site to show their new achievements in the field of the automobile industry.



As a foundry enterprise with 18 years of experience, Guangdong Hunter Valley provides high-quality precision castings for the brand in terms of auto parts. In order to meet the requirements of ODM&OEM customers, we have introduced international advanced production technology and equipment to create a more suitable for the needs of different customers with innovative production processes and scientific research results. New castings, independent design of product modeling, development of molds, unique in the market, and obtained a number of national design patent protection, government-approved green production base, and from product development, production to product packaging and shipment to form a system supporting services, building a high-quality industrial chain, workshop production uses Hunter Valley digital production pipe Management system, full coverage of digital production management, including flexible production system & AGV warehousing collaborative system, 24-hour non-stop production, effectively shortening the production cycle, digital production line upgrade, controllable production cycle, and very stable product quality.


"Shunt for excellence, casting integrity", Guangdong Hunter Valley Precision Casting promotes the scientific and technological innovation and development of China's automobile industry, and provides important support for the development of intelligent vehicles!


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